Get Happy – Drink More Tea!

tea is more than a beverage
It’s a fact that tea drinkers are generally more calm- and happy.

Apart from water, there is a huge variety of drinks available on the market today. Most of the people have the misconception that coffee is the most loved drink in the world. However, after water, TEA is the second most highly consumed and loved drink in the world. For many people this news is shocking. The reason behind the popularity of tea is mainly in its history.

Tea was introduced in the market even before coffee. In the beginning, it was a drink only for the royal people or those who belonged to the high families. Often the gift of loose leaf tea was given to the kings and rulers of the different areas a sign of commitment and peace. With the passage of time consumption and production of loose leaf tea increased around the globe. People started to drink tea because of the relaxing effect they feel while consuming tea. Here are just a few of the benefits of tea that you will be happy to know about.

Tea increases concentration

Once you will start consuming tea you will notice that your overall concentration will increase. It will make you more mindful and there will be minimal lack of focus or concentration. There is no need to have any type of brain booster when you have a natural remedy in your hand. It will lead to the production of hormones that will help to increase the mindfulness. Some of the common hormones are:

  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Endorphins
  • Serotonin

The body and mind will relax

The biggest benefit of tea is that it will make you feel more relaxed. When in the morning or after work in the winter months, you may enjoy a hot cup of tea and will feel it’s warmth work its way into your bones and muscles. Within minutes your entire body will be relaxed and you will forget about your stresses. Tea acts like a miracle and there are many individuals that prefer to have a cup of tea when they are tired instead of taking medications. This is a vital part of natural self-care.

Quality tea, especially green tea, promotes keen focus & creativity.

You will feel more satisfied with yourself

MostΒ  people are not satisfied with themselves and the work that they do. This is a statistical fact. The reason is that during the work there is often a lack of concentration due to many factors- stress, noise, ability to focus on the task at hand. Having tea will help you improve this situation dramatically. You might be wondering how. Just one cup of quality tea and you will feel yourself relax and disconnect from the outside stresses of the world. And the boost to mental focus, which is not due to caffeine jolt, generally begins in about thirty minutes and may last for up to five hours.

Tea brings about happiness

Tea is one of the biggest sources of happiness. Once you start drinking tea you will feel cozy and relaxed. It has an effect on the body that you will not get from any other type of drink or food. Even if it is your worst day when you will get a hot- or iced- cup of tea in your hand it will bring happiness and a smile to your face.

women tea couch
Enjoying quality tea with friends is a great way to share happiness with others.

Bottom line

Once you will start consuming tea you will get all the happy health and wellness benefits that are sure to come along with it.

There are many companies selling loose leaf tea on the open market today. However, during selection, you have to be cautious of low-quality tea that is filled with other material in addition to the tea- such as sugars, additives or preservatives.

At Teatrition Tea And Wellness, we pride ourselves in offering only quality loose leaf teas with no added anything. In addition, we select organic whenever possible and opt for minimal packaging to reduce our environmental foot print.

You may find out more information about our teas at

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