6 Sensible Reasons To Sip Herbal Tea For Detox – & 1 Embarrassing Herb To Avoid


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First off, Happy New Year 2018! And a special thanks to Wendi at Teatrition Tea And Wellness for inviting me to write this post regarding 6 sensible (real) reasons I sip herbal teas- and organic if available. This post came about as we were discussing the numerous reasons for drinking loose leaf tea versus coffee (no, I’m not knocking coffee. In fact I indulge on several mugs of coffee several times a week, in moderation) – or even the dreaded dried up tea bag. Let’s suffice to say that there are more than enough reasons to pause reading this post and brew yourself a cuppa herbal tea right this very minute. (actually I prefer that you finish reading this before you do that, but you get my point about the urgency).

So let’s keep this simple fact in mind as we discuss the sensible reasons for including herbal teas- say 2 to 5  cups per day for me – into our wellness lifestyle going forward. In general, quality foods & loose leaf teas support your body’s natural purification system and visa versa. (Now you’ll want to keep in mind that some herbs may actually interfere with medications so always consult your physician. And while you’re at that, ask him/her how you may be able to get rid of that prescription in the first place! Pregnant or nursing women should also check with a physician).

Herbs like lemongrass, ginger, dandelion, milk thistle, & burdock support a healthy liver, one of the organs in charge of your body’s detoxification process. Now I don’t mean “detox” in the sense of camping out next to your toilet, which leads me to offer a piece of personal wisdom- stay away from teas that contain “senna”. Often referred to as a natural laxative, I’ve heard too many nightmares where it led to an embarrassing situation. (And I’m not sure, but I wonder if my system would come to rely on it?) As well, I suspect that many who flock to the senna teas are actually looking for a lose weight quickly solution and not a long term “feel good” regiment, but I digress.

Nutritionists agree that drinking tea when you wake up and before bedtime may help your system “rev up” as well as “calm down”.  So let’s dive into just 6 of the many reasons that I love sipping herbal teas.

  1. Boost Energy – Now this is twofold, since while sipping on a healthful hot beverage I’m not filling my face with foods or beverages that would otherwise cause me to feel sluggish, especially those with sugars or preservatives, I’m now replenishing my system with nutrients it possibly needs and may thrive on. (My fav herbal go to at Teatrition for an energy boost currently is: Cranberry Spice Winter Blend Organic because in addition to the hibiscus, orange peel, cranberry, & elderberries- there’s a dash of organic clove).
  2. Rids Body Of Excess Waste – Yup, you can call this a “detox” if you’d like, because in my book, anytime I’m aiding my liver, kidneys and colon of “stuff” just sitting around, it’s a positive thing. Herbals tend to keep things flowing they way they should be. Think of it like divorce for your excretion system. Who wouldn’t want that? (May I suggest Teatrition’s Purify Herbal Tea, with warm soothing notes. This tea contains our digestive & detox friends Cinnamon, Burdock & Ginger Root). Since dandelion is my best friend- ah, yes, the liver loves bitter herbs! It’s my opinion that everyone should have Dandy Organic Rejuvenation Herbal in their tea stash. Any presumed bitterness is masqueraded nicely with the refreshing flavor of fresh organic peppermint, a dieter’s treat all on its own. And since dandelion encourages natural elimination by means of urination, as well as balancing the good and bad bacteria in your gut, why wouldn’t you sip on this?
  3. Flat Belly – I’m hesitant to call this weight loss, because in my scenario it’s mainly the ridding of excess water in my system. Hibiscus is my friend when it comes to increasing urination & eliminating bloating. Man, don’t I feel great when my jeans aren’t cutting into my waistline! Wendi offers a loose leaf tea with the same name- hibiscus, peppermint, fennel, licorice root. Oh my! I have to admit that I’m addicted to it’s flavor and wellness feeling: Flat Belly Tea from Teatrition.com
  4. Stronger Immune System – I offer this as my opinion because I feel that if your body is naturally and routinely detoxing, your vital organs are free to function the way they should. Case in point, have you ever not been “yourself”? Remember the way you felt- maybe heavy, sluggish, backed up? Furthermore, a clean system is likely better able to absorb nutrients, including Vitamin C. Additionally, many herbs actually help the lymphatic system, which plays a key role in feeling healthy and firing on all cylinders. (My top pick for Vitamin C boost is  World Peace Organic   with it’s lemony ingredients such as organic lemon peel, lemon balm & lemongrass – I feel “sunny” and restored. The flavor is more sweet than tart.
  5. Improved Skin – This is probably due to several reasons: hydration, less crap on the intake that later comes out (yes, thru your skin) later on. Even acne should improve according to research, but keep in mind that often acne or skin conditions may worsen before improving. My Google search tells me, as well as my brain but I’m not a doctor so I’m not allowed to give medical advice and neither should you, that toxins in your personal mecca will be excreted thru your skin as well as your “other end”. Think of the saying, “You are what you eat”. My pick for this category is a simple yet romantic blend of beneficial herbs that are a delight either hot or iced, and young people like it, too: Lazy Daze Herbal Organic This organic blend is fluffy- and economical.
  6. Clearer Thinking – I love this! “Brain Fog”. My definition – “Making smart people wander around getting absolutely nothing done.” My personal summation, less sugar and toxic crap in and you are likely to feel less lethargic and more productive. My fav pick for this category includes not only the impression of sugar- which there is none- but also the refreshing spark of organic peppermint, and I don’t mean mere peppermint flavoring. I mean actual organic herbal peppermint: Sugar Plum Fairy Organic

Thank you for allowing me to share my personal thoughts with you about beneficial herbal teas and the 6 reasons I stockpile them. If you have further questions, email Wendi at info@teatrition.com or visit her online loose leaf tea and accessory website at Teatrition.com


Dandelion Teas available at Teatrition.com from Teatrition Tea And Wellness
The liver loves beneficial bitter herbs such as dandelion root.








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