Why My Teens Love To Drink Tea Daily


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When my teens are feeling “under the weather” I tend to encourage lots of rest and make lots of loose leaf tea. (White tea is their favorite & it’s amazing for their young skin). The warmth of the tea soothes their sore throat and warms their small hands.

What my teens (I have a young son and a daughter) don’t recognize at their tender age from each cup of hot tea comes many health benefits that happen at a cellular level. The catechins found in fresh loose leaf tea leaves have antioxidant and anti-microbial actions. Especially green and black loose leaf tea leaves. ‘The anti-flu virus action of tea catechins are phenomenal’, boasts Dr. Yukibiko Hara.

When fresh loose leaf tea is consumed by our kids we are seeing healthier children who are attending school every day because sickness is prevented or weakened. What we see is less trips to the pediatrician- time and money saved makes this mom happy.

Notice that I keep referring to “loose leaf tea”? There are numerous health and wellness reasons associated with quality loose leaf teas. When people consume the grocery store tea, most often sold as tea bags, they are not realizing the warrior-like catechins that are present in fresh loose leaf tea. Tea bags contain tea dust particles, or “fannings”. These particles of tea are what is left over from loose leaf tea, but they are generally dried out or stale and have lost their essential oils. What’s worse is that tea bags could possibly sit on grocery store shelves for years before ending up in your grocery cart. No, thank you!

Benefits of loose leaf teas are well documented and studied. Besides the focus of thisΒ article, our teens are getting clearer skin- whether consumed as a hot or iced beverage or topically. Teens’ skin becomes protected from sunburn to some degree ( but don’t skimp on your sun screen ). Another benefits is the prevention of dental cavities and banishing of bad breath, with good dental hygiene as well, of course.

Teens should experience a feeling of calmness, induced by regular consumption of loose leaf tea. Remember that their daily tea could come in the form of cold tea (cold brewing is a popular method. Simply pinch a tablespoon of loose tea into a quality store bought water bottle the night before. Voila! Cold tea to pack in their lunches the next day. *There are water bottle strainer tops available at Teatrition.com for $6 or you may purchase a tea tumbler with an infuser at a quality sports store or Teatrition.com)

Nearly all teen’s mental clarity improves and there is almost always a reduction in anxiety. Naturally positive tranquilizing effects of green tea, for example, have a window of thirty minutes to five hours. Try a cup of green loose leaf tea the morning of tests and note the improvement. This is also true of mental clarity, focus and creativity.

We as parents understand it isn’t one type of nutrient that cures or prevents illness or disease. It’s the cumulative effects of several positive things that keep them healthy and strong. The Catechins surrounding the cells inside our bodies so that icky viruses can’t stick their hooks into them can often prevent the flu. Teens should also recognize a well-balanced diet, regular exercise and plenty of rest to be healthy.

By adding a daily morning or afternoon study break cup of tea can help keep our teens in the classroom and on the playing fields. If you or your child doesn’t get excited about the taste of tea, consider Rooibos. I get so excited about this naturally sweet and creamy non-tea. It’s truly a mineral packed powerhouse that has so many amazing benefits that I could not list them all here. Consider visiting our website Teatrition.com for more information and/or a free sample of Rooibos. It comes in many different flavors- including Orange Smoothie & Chocolate Mint- and may be infused several times. Rooibos is super economical and is extremely easy for cold brewing. Children love Rooibos in place of soda. In fact, my teens prefer the taste of Rooibos to soda any day.

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