3 Vital Things You May Experience This Week If You Drink Green Tea Daily


Firstly, whoever coined the phrase “slept like a baby” most likely did not have any children. This phrase has never been used in our household. Our children never slept “like a baby”. But what I will say is that during my first week-long green tea challenge, I did experience what I would say was damn close to what the author of that phrase was likely referring to. And we’ll get to that in a minute.

A few years ago I took my first green tea challenge. At the time I was actually participating in this challenge because I wanted to shed a few pounds. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the part about weight loss in a few minutes. Many people turn to green tea for weight loss purposes. I feel this is a shame since quality loose leaf green tea has so much more to offer, some of which I’ll share with you here.

So the challenge was to drink around four cups of quality loose leaf green tea- not tea bags, as tea bags are merely dried out “dustings” with hardly any catechin or essential oil value left in them. I’m a stickler for organic whenever I can get it and is the reason the vast majority of the loose leaf teas my sister offers in her online store Teatrition.com are organic.

  1. Yes, I “slept like a baby”! And at the time I was surprised because I knew that green tea contained caffeine. Not as much as black tea and certainly not as much as coffee, but caffeine none-the-less. Not only did I experience restful sleep on that very first night, but looking back I recognize that my dreams were more vivid and I woke the next morning feeling refreshed.The reason for the restful slumber is this. There is an amino acid primarily found primarily in quality loose leaf tea leaves that increases the alpha-waves in the brain. Basically this implies there is a greater tranquility within the body, thus allowing you to sleep like you haven’t slept in perhaps years. Now I’m not certain about people with a heightened caffeine sensitivity. I, for example, shouldn’t have any caffeine after 5 o’clock or I’m awake half the night. But if I sip green tea during the evening  hours prior to bedtime, I have no trouble falling asleep whatsoever, despite the caffeine content. In addition I tend to sleep through the entire night. Go figure. All I can say is I appreciate green tea as a bedtime tea ritual. (caffeine-free loose leaf green tea is also available)
  2. Since I enjoy writing, mainly for my own purposes, I found this next green tea benefit exceptionally useful. My usual time for creativity is early morning and would generally come to a complete halt around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. But since adding green tea to my daily routine,  I noted an exciting boost in my focus and creativity through the afternoon.Chinese and Japanese Monks have been sipping tea prior to meditation dating back several centuries. Apparently the caffeine found in quality loose leaf green tea combined with the amino acid  L’theanine, once again found in fresh loose leaf green tea, produce a keen mental focus and heightened awareness. Green tea is still frequently used today by those seeking a deeper meditation.
  3. Last, but definitely not least, prepare to ask your boss for that raise! Sipping one to four cups of loose leaf green tea daily is shown to produce increased focus and mental alertness- how great is that for work place productivity? In addition, green tea also produces a tranquilizing effect on the body. You’re likely to be more relaxed overall. (Studies reveal sipping green tea daily may reduce stress and anxiety naturally by up to twenty perfect.) So drink that cup of fresh green tea and you’ll likely feel more confident and at ease as you stroll into your boss’ office.You can expect this sense of calm and reduced anxiety to last for up to five hours after consuming your beverage- hot or cold. No wonder green tea drinkers seem calmer than their coffee drinking counterparts!Now for a list of my three favorite loose leaf green teas from Teatrition Tea And Wellness:

    Moroccan Mint Organic Tea
    Sencha Fruity Blues Green Tea Blend
    Longjin Premium Organic Green Tea

    Of course, if you’re unsure of which loose leaf green tea is your “cup of tea”, try a green tea sampler. Either way, visit Teatrition.com and check out the wide selection of organic, pure and whole leaf fresh quality loose leaf teas. Tell her that her sister sent you! Green Tea Sampler


Thank you for your time today. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of quality loose leaf teas, as well as their health and wellness benefits, with the world.





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