What Makes Teatrition Tea And Wellness Different Than Other Tea Companies?



Wendi, proprietor of Teatrition Tea And Wellness at Teatrition.com

At Teatrition Tea And Wellness, we are excited to offer a diverse assortment of pure & organic loose leaf teas to tea connoisseurs as well as those completely new to tea. Our fine teas originate from all over the world – China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Nepal, South Africa & even the Amazon. We offer loose leaf teas such as: black, white, green, Pu’erh, Oolong, Herbals, Tisanes, Rooibos and decaf.

What sets us apart as far as teas- because let’s face it, basic teas can be purchased just about anywhere these days- is our deep commitment to seeking only the finest and most rare tea offerings. We maintain a vigilant eye on upcoming harvests and flushes and organize the vast majority of our tea purchases with this knowledge in mind. You may find it interesting that some of our offerings are grown in the shade, hand cut with scissors, or are accompanied by a legendary story.

Our specialty, however, is in the education of loose leaf teas. How to choose a tea that suits your health, spiritual and wellness needs, how to properly brew (steep) your teas, and how to thoroughly enjoy your tea- whether you prefer your brew hot or cold. Teatrition Tea And Wellness takes the education process seriously, even offering workshops, private classes and video tutorials.

A true tea experience would not be complete without the ability to ask questions and opinions; and actually have those requests answered by a real person. For that reason, we here at Teatrition Tea And Wellness make ourselves available via your preference – phone, email or various social media platforms.

Lastly, Teatrition Tea And Wellness is 100% Profit-Free and 1000% Community. Or is that Communi-Tea? See what we did there? We are fortunate enough to be financially independent, which allows us to make monetary and/or product contributions to worthy causes on a monthly basis. To find out more about our monthly accomplishments, visit us on our Facebook page.

We are happy to provide you with a free tea consultation to get you started or anytime. It is our goal to provide you, our tea friend, with the most gratifying tea experience of your life. Teatrition Tea And Wellness may be found online at Teatrition.comΒ or email info@teatrition.com


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