“But I Hate The Taste Of Tea!”


This is a disturbing situation. As many of you know, I’m a registered nurse and  I care physically for patients in a hospital setting. Someone proclaiming that they “hate the taste of tea” is obviously a head case; someone in dire need of an emergency mental evaluation. This is beyond my scope of work.

Haha! All jokes aside, this is a comment that I receive more times than I’d like to admit. But it’s true. Many people do not enjoy the actual taste of “tea”. To this I want to first point out a few possibilities before I offer some tea-mazing solutions at the end of this article.

In the majority of the time, I discover that the loose leaf tea has been improperly steeped. That’s right. I find this is especially true in regards to green tea as it is generally ready in less than three minutes. In fact, my favorite green teas are so sweet and delicate they need only 45 short seconds.

Over-steeping loose leaf teas will cause the brew to become bitter. This does not happen as often with tea bags because the contents of tea bags are generally “dustings” of loose leaf tea and are often stale and stripped of their essential oils to begin with. I’ve written an article about Loose Leaf Tea Versus Tea Bags for more information.

Of course water temperature is a major factor as well. Refer to the steeping directions on the package or Teatrition.com for more information about steeping.

However, if neither of the above situations is the reason and you honestly do not enjoy the taste of fresh brewed tea- either hot or cold- then here are some creative ways to still incorporate the benefits of loose leaf tea without having to actually drink it. It would be a shame to not benefit from the powerhouse of benefits that catechins, disease-fighting antioxidants present in fresh tea leaves, offers the human body. Catechins are especially abundant in green and black tea leaves.

As I mentioned, there are ways to easily and conveniently incorporate the catechin-fortified teas into your daily life. My favorite is to freeze green tea in ice cube trays and store in the freezer. I pop a cube of these green tea ice cubes and add to my smoothies on busy mornings. You don’t have to freeze the green tea, but I personally prefer the fluffiness the ice cubes deliver. And since I’m not a huge Matcha fan, (can you believe it?) I like to either freeze Matcha ice cubes or add a teaspoon of dry Matcha powder (ground whole tea leaves)directly to my smoothie. Absolutely wonderful and super healthy for me! You won’t taste the tea.

The second way I utilize the green tea ice cubes is when I saute vegetables on the stove top. I’ve also been known to pop a few cubes into my soup or stews. I guarantee you will never taste the tea! And your body will thank you for the boost.

Black, white or Rooibos teas also work well as a make ahead. Although I cannot believe anyone would not enjoy the flavor of naturally sweet Rooibos. (Rooibos is not a tea but rather a bush plant from South Africa). If you’ve not tried Rooibos yet, you really must. It has 37 natural antioxidants and is a powerhouse of other minerals- but that is an article for another day. Just trust me on this one, Rooibos is extremely inexpensive, easy to make- and most children prefer it to soda. Yup, I’m serious.

So in addition to using liquid brewed tea in smoothies or soup or saute, brewed tea is amazing when used in baking. If you visit Teatrition.com in the near future, there will be a gallery of our favorite tea recipes under the tab Kitchen.

We’ve also devoted an entireTeatrition Tea And Wellness Pinterest board to Baking With Tea and Yummy Matcha Recipes.

Go ahead and give replacing liquid in many of your favorite dishes with liquid tea. It’s a genius way to avoid the taste of tea and reap the tea-mazing benefits that fresh loose leaf tea has to offer.

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