Would You Pay One Million Dollars For An Ounce Of This Tea?

china tea estate

Whoa, Da-Hong Pao. Hold on just a New York minute!

As a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, I surely I know the value of an exquisite cup of quality loose leaf tea. But at a cost of between $1,200 – $1,400 for one gram?
By my calculations, one gram is equal to about one third ounce of dry loose tea. (1 cup of hot brew requites approximately 1 teaspoon loose tea) So one third ounce should yield about 4 cups of brew. Gulp, that’s well over $400 per cup!

According to the June, 2017 edition of World Tea Directory, Da-Hong Pao Tea, a Chinese Oolong tea, takes top honors at the most expensive tea in the world.

So just what is Da-Hong Pao Tea? Translated, its name means “Big Red Robe.” (Must be quite the robe!)

Of course, if you’re like me – one of the 2 billion people who drink tea each day – you will appreciate all that contributes to an amazing cup of tea. Rarity, quality- even legends or stories that often accompany such teas. But at over 1 million dollars for an ounce? What gives? Apparently there are two major factors that contribute to such an exorbitant price.

The first reason is that Da Hong Pao trees that grow primarily in the preserved land of Wuyi Mountains of China, are extremely rare. So rare are these trees that this land is secured by armed guards.

And secondly, as with the most interesting teas, there is the legend surrounding Da-Hong Pao Tea that likely adds to its worth. A Ming Dynasty emperor reported that his mother was cured of an illness after drinking a secret tea, believed to be Da-Hong Pao.

Now, reserved for only the most dignified occasions, Da-Hong Pao Tea is a poignant part of Chinese culture. I definitely want to be on this guest list!

While Teatrition Tea And Wellness doesn’t offer Da Hong Pao Tea, we do have an ample of fine quality teas that I find appropriate for most any occasion and are much easier on the wallet.

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