“Hey, Teacher- Don’t Leave That Tea Alone!”

back to school

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave those kids… (huh?)

No, I didn’t intend to refer to the 1979 Pink Floyd song from album The Wall (but it does kind of get stuck in your head, doesn’t it? Sorry about that).

But if I were penning a remake of the above song with tea- Catechins to be exact- it would go something like this:

Hell, yeah, we need education, (I’m a teacher, after all)

We need more birth control. (Errrr, I only feel that way during assembly)

Anxiety got me jacked up on sarcasm – (I tell everyone it’s a personality trait)

Teachers, don’t leave your tea alone!

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Someone had their green tea today, I can see. (Creativity & mental clarity at work there).

Runny noses, uncovered coughs, and the 30 mph sneezes. Boxes of tissues, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes. Β (Sigh) After all, ’tis the season, a holiday celebrated by parents everywhere-Β Back to school!

And while you are pensively considering what the previous paragraph means in regards to your own personal health, parents are already in the street celebrating as that diesel-blowing yellow caterpillar swallows whole their runny-nosed angels before transporting those cute little germ incubators off to – you guessed it- your classroom.

But don’t despair, your defense is already in place by ways of your – tea. That’s right, the catechins (special disease-fighting antioxidants found in fresh tea leaves) are already hard at work protecting you.Β The warrior-like catechins will envelope the cell walls inside your body as you wipe away funky colored boogers from a history paper. Bacteria and viruses are quickly rejected when they encounter those little warriors and are ordered to “Move along, nothing to see here.”

Now while it’s true that catechins are in all pure tea leaves, it is a little known fact that the longer a tea is brewed (steeped), the more catechin power is present. So since black tea is generally steeped the longest, loose leaf black tea may be your new teacher’s pet (I know, teachers say there’s no such thing). Fresh whole tea leaves such as those offered by Teatrition.com, not stale old dusty tea bags (see our previous blog post about Tea Bags versus Loose Leaf Tea), to be clear.

In addition to the catechins, which are more useful to you right now than a third eye and a second pair of hands, your teas will protect you in other ways: White tea for anxiety, green tea for amazing focus and mental clarity (that’s clarity not sanity, there is a difference), herbal teas for immunity boost, rooibos for a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals and blood sugar support, and black teas for caffeine boost, mental stimulation and of course- catechins!

So sit back, sip your tea and savor the peace and quiet. (for now)

*Teachers (Everyone may use this code) use code: TEACHER30 for 30% discount at Teatrition.com check out on all orders $20+ thru August 31st, 2017.

teacher tea.jpeg

5 thoughts on ““Hey, Teacher- Don’t Leave That Tea Alone!”

  1. while I’m not a hot tea fan, I know they all have their benefits. Back to school can be a blessing and a curse. I’m a mom of 6 and all but one are in school. I’m thankful for most of their strong immune systems. I’m the one who is required to take care of sickies in our house as well as not allowing myself to get sick.


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