Tea Bag or Loose Leaf Tea?

tea bag vs loose leaf

This is by far my most asked question. And it’s true, nearly all tea drinkers ask themselves this important question at some point. -Tea bag or loose leaf tea?

Is there a difference? Does one taste better than the other? Is one healthier for me than the other?

In a nutshell – an astounding, “YES!”

Here’s why. Tea bags packaged and found in your local grocery store are what experts refer to as “fannings”. Fannings are essentially “left overs” from the processing of the whole loose leaf teas. I do not want anyone else’s left overs, do you?

Furthermore, when the whole tea leaves are broken down into small pieces (dust) to make those grocery store tea bags, a great deal of essential oils are lost forever. The essential oils are what makes the tea flavorful and aromatic; also minimizing the tannins so as to not have a bitter cup of tea. This bitterness and poor taste quality could be why you may think you don’t care for tea?

The whole leaves – loose leaf tea- when allowed to fully expand in water properly heated, offer a more flavorful, aromatic, and nutritional cup of brew. You may already know about the numerous health benefits, not to mention the emotional and spiritual benefits a quality cup of tea will offer you. What a perfect way to start your day, take a time out while at work or after exercise, or wind back down in the evening or before bed. (Green loose leaf tea is amazing as a sleepy time tea as green tea produces a tranquilizing effect on the body, thus preparing you for a restful night’s sleep).

Grab the opportunity to make a small change in your daily tea routine that will offer you a grand return- since many quality loose leaf teas will endure multiple infusions (steepings), you are not really spending that much more, if at all.

So choose whole and pure, preferably organic, loose leaf teas over the dusty tea bags every day.

My choice today isΒ Tropical Green Organic Tea Blend; perhaps in an attempt to hang on to the final days of summer. And I find that green tea, throughout the day for focus and creativity while I’m writing and especially before bed to ensure a meaningful night’s rest.

Be sure to find me over at my online loose leaf tea store Teatrition.com

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