How &Why Teatrition Was Born

It’s About More Than Just Drinking Tea
“A cup of quality tea will change your life.” – Wendi of Teatrition, 2016
Dear Fellow Tea Lovers,

Overall health and wellness has been a mindful priority in my family since I was a child. Not so recently, we discovered that for us, tea was more than just a hot or cold beverage served in a cup. While it’s true that tea is growing in popularity in the United States, especially among millennials, it was not simply about the social aspect often associated with tea. We found that the overall quality of our lives were vastly improved when we incorporated tea- hot or cold- into our daily routines.

Growing up in a small town across the river from Bangor, Maine, tea- especially loose tea- was not abundant, nor was the majority of what was available organic. While we did find numerous reputable loose tea sellers both online and in shopping malls, we wanted more. More worldly selections, more nutritional and spiritual education, more organic options. Thus, Teatrition Tea And Wellness was born! Our website is

While our packaging is minimal and one could say it lacks fancy bells and whistles, it does lean towards our heartfelt motto that less waste is best for the environment. Much of our packaging is of recycled material or delivered with love to you in a reusable package. It would be our great pleasure to know that every attempt was sought by our customers to reuse the zip pouch packaging- and that you thought of us while reducing our human footprint.

We believe you will find our teas, responsibly grown and personally chosen from around the world, will prove to be just what your heart & soul desire. So from my family to yours- “Do sit back, sip & enjoy!”

Teafully Yours,
Wendi & the entire Teatrition family

wendi and kids
Me and my children in New Hampshire last fall, just after deciding to make Teatrition a reality.

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